10 Things to do in the Costa Blanca


One of the best things about buying a Spanish Property in the Costa Blanca is that you get the time to explore the region and get to try all the activities it has to offer at your own pace. Once you have settled in to your new Spanish Life here are a few things to put on your list to remember to try:

• Put on your dancing shoes

Flamenco is the traditional Spanish dance and now you have decided to live in Spain you will be able to attend regular classes to learn this traditional Spanish dance. Other dance styles and workshops are also often available.

• Try Paella

The Costa Blanca is famous for its many paella dishes. The local rice is perfect for cooking paella and you can choose between meat, fish, or vegetarian paellas. Restaurants called Arrocerias specialise in rice dishes and you will probably get the best variety of paellas here. We also encourage you to try making this traditional dish in your new Spanish home or take a cooking class to learn more about Spanish food.

• Coastline Cruising

The Spanish Coastline is stunning and one of the best ways to see it is by boat. When living in Spain you will have lots of time to sail the surrounding seas or even learn to sail your own boat. If that’s not for you many resorts have boat trips where you can enjoy the changing face of the coast, enjoy the imposing Ifach rock from a different angle and look out for fish. There are many marina’s for a spot of lunch or take a picnic and drop anchor for a swim.

• Explore the Vineyards

Quality wines can be found by heading just a few kilometres inland from the Costa Blanca beaches, you will stumble across vineyards and discover your local wine producers. One of the best is the Enrique Mendoza vineyard in Alfaz del Pi, you can join a tour of his vineyard and it includes wine tasting. You can ask for a tour to be conducted in English or you can put those Spanish lessons to good use! There is a traditional grape harvest in September at the Maserof vineyard in the Sierra Bernia which you can join in like the locals and the Jalon Valley also has fine wines for tasting and taking home.

• Try Horchata

The refreshing traditional Spanish drink that is made from tiger nut normally drunk in the summer is called Horchata. You can buy it in the supermarkets but for the best flavours, try one of the horchaterias along the Costa Blanca. Alicante has some particularly fine ones where you can stop and try one.

• Kite Surfing

OK - this one is not for everyone but as it is so readily available, several kite-surfing clubs have set up on the Costa Blanca, why not take up a new sport you never thought you would. The clubs will help you master this daring sport as they teach you to catch the wind, keep on your feet and show you some fancy tricks too.

• People Watching

There is no better place to sit out in the sun, in a street café and watch the world and its people go by. When you have lived in Spain for a while café culture becomes a social occasion as you meet friends in the sunny cafes or bars and chat to people you know as they pass.

• Make your own Tapas Trail

Once you have tried a lot of the different bars in Spain you will get to know quickly which have good beers, wines and good Tapas so you can make a personalised trail for yourselves and when you have visitors to your new Spanish home.

• Rock-climbing

Costa Blanca rock faces include short cliffs for beginners and longer treks and climbs in the mountains with steep drops for the more experiences, if it is your first time you can hire a climbing guide and remember safety first! Calpe and Benidorm are the easiest climbing areas to access but don’t forget the Jalon Valley as it also has plenty of different climbs to try.

• Visit the Theatre

Many of the Costa Blanca theatres are well worth a visit, lots of these are in beautiful old buildings full of history. There is a wide variety on offer including murder-mysteries, musicals, ballets, operas and dramas.

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